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Recycling with Calluna Upcycling

By News1 min read
Spaces is proud to collaborate with Calluna Upcycling to strengthen its commitment to sustainability and reduce the events industry’s environmental impact. 
Calluna Upcycling stands out as a purpose-driven organisation that transforms old event graphics, which would typically end up in landfills, into new, innovative products. 
We send our customers’ unwanted event graphics to Calluna, who work their magic with a sewing machine to produce reusable covers for our furniture. This means that in addition to the positives of recycling we use less plastic packaging and the lifespan of our products is increased. 
Calluna’s unique business approach means they do good for the planet and the community. They employ women struggling to find work and donate a percentage of their profits to Severn Hospice.

The Calluna Recycling Process

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